Overview of Open Data Development in Taiwan

Governments around the world have been releasing their data following the worldwide promotion of Open Data, hoping to thereby increase government transparency, improve citizens’ quality of life, and drive economy development. Taiwan began implementing its Open Data policy under the resolution of the Executive Yuan in 2012. The National Development Council was charged with the implementation of government Open Data, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs (Industrial Development Bureau) was responsible for promoting industrial applications. At first, government agencies were unclear of the private sector’s needs and fields of application, and merely released 490 datasets on the government Open Data platform (beta version was launched in April 2013). Open Data was a whole new field unknown to nearly 70% of enterprises and citizens.

The Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs implemented the “Open Data Application Promotion Plan” in November 2013, encouraging enterprises, developers, and private organizations to use government data. Up to the end of 2014, the plan assisted the development of 108 innovative services, spurred the establishment of 8 start-ups, and nearly 3,400 datasets (all 3 stars and above; the 5 stars of open linked data) of government (data.gov.tw) were uploaded for public access. Taiwan’s achievements so far are described below: