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HOUSE + is an automated valuation system based on data collected at actual price registration. The user logs in the system and types in some simple information about the house, while it promptly provides optimal real estate appraisal and related professional services for clients. Throught the system, all clients not only are able to keep eyes on house market information, enhance the bargain ability, but reduce transaction risk. Those in the financial sectors can also quickly calculate market value of real estate by HOUSE + appraisal service. The main advantage of HOUSE + is to obtain neutral valuation, assist professional decision-making, reduce management risk, and avoid fraud effectively!


DebugHERE is dedicated to building an integrated pest and disease information platform. The user can use the pest and disease factsheets to diagnose the problems with your plants, as well as search for farming, agricultural chemicals and machinery for producing high-quality crops. Furthermore, DebugHERE sets up a community-based platform that provides users with more proactive and personalized information to achieve better targeting outcomes. 

The “International ICT Innovative Services Contest – Government Open Data Value-added Application Division” was held for two consecutive years in 2013-2014 to encourage innovative applications of Open Data, and to channel resources into academia, SOHO, and start-ups. Teachers are encouraged to form teams with students and develop innovative applications for Open Data in the contest, which will increase the utilization of government data. In the two years a total of 91 teams from over 30 universities entered the contest, in which most applications were in the fields “art, entertainment and leisure services” and “transportation, conveyance and storage”.
Furthermore, the “Open Data Innovative Application Contest” was also organized to encourage the public to use Open Data, establish new businesses, and support the development of start-ups. A total of 374 innovative applications were entered into the contest, 68 award winning applications were selected, and 15 start-ups were rewarded, 8 of which were start-ups founded the same year. The most commonly used sources of government Open Data in applications are as follows: No.1: Ministry of Transportation and Communications 16%; No.2: Ministry of Health and Welfare 14%; No.3: Ministry of the Interior 12%.

Trenzink – YouBiker
(1) Company introduction: An emerging App developer that implements creative ideas from life observations based on software development to make people’s lives better.
(2) Services: “YouBiker Function Expansion Plan” mainly utilizes youbike, transportation and weather data to expand the area supported by YouBiker, and further increase the number of users.
(3) Usage situation: Uses real-time data of YouBike updated every five seconds (Ministry of Transportation and Communications) for users to check the status of each bicycle station, e.g. number of bicycles or spaces left. The App also predicts the status of stations as well, helping the maintenance company to improve the issue of uneven distribution during peak hours, i.e. increasing the rental rate of bicycles at full stations and the return rate of bicycles at empty stations.

Funidea Consulting Company
(1) Company introduction: Specializes in real estate appraisal, and provides clients with real estate appraisal and inquiry services.
(2) Services: “3-second appraisal” is a platform that uses the real estate transaction real price registration database of the Ministry of the Interior, as well as the company’s real estate appraisal experience and technologies; prices of real estate registered in the database are converted into “individual unit price”.
(3) Usage situation: Unlike other house search and appraisal services in the market, users can use the “3-second appraisal APP” to set a designated area, and rapidly calculate the unit price of a house at a specific floor and with a specific floor area, which is used to calculate the house price and mortgage.

SMS Taiwan Co., Ltd. (http://www.bm-sms.com.tw/)
(1) Company introduction: SMS Taiwan is the Taiwan branch of the Japanese long-term care service information company SMS (Senior Marketing System). The Company employs the successful experience of long-term care services in Japan, and is dedicated to the development of technology platforms and systems for the long-term care industry.
(2) Services: “coco drug database” is the basis of a Drug-Drug Interactions (DDIs) inquiry system, which has a simple interface for inquiring about DDIs using government data, allowing pharmacists and citizens to check if the medications patients are currently taking have any DDIs, thereby protecting patients’ drug safety.
(3) Usage situation: Taiwan has gradually become an aging society. Taking medications have become a routine in the daily lives of chronic patients, but when taking numerous drugs prescribed by different clinics, DDIs become a potential issue for the drug safety of patients. Repeat prescription of the same drug by different clinics may cause waste of medical resources. “coco drug database” provides pharmacists, pharmacies and nursing institutions with a service to check for DDIs, helping ensure the drug safety of patients and clients. In the future, personal medication history will be provided, and records of medications that users have used will be kept to save time on searches.


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