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The 4th International Open Data Conference (IODC)
The 4th International Open Data Conference (IODC) took place from the 6th- 7th October 2016 in Madrid, building on the lessons shared at the IODC 2015, and bringing together groups from across the world to discuss open data strategies, use and impact. This year’s gathering focused on “global goals, local impact”. PARIS21 was invited by Open Data Watch (ODW) to participate in a panel on “Openness in NSOs: A review of Needs and Available Tools and Methods” and advocated for National Statistical Offices (NSOs) to play a more central role in discussions around open data.

Asia Pacific Open Data Summit 2016 (APODS2016) & 31st Pacific Rim Application and Grid Middleware Assembly (PRAGMA31)
This PRAGMA31 workshop was held in conjunction with the APODS2016 and is a joint effort by our department and our collaborator, Electronic Government Agency (EGA). The theme, "Global Sustainability with Data Science and Technology" highlights the common mission that both PRAGMA and APODS communities have in promoting, supporting and utilizing Open Data, Information Science and Communication Technology in all sectors to thoroughly and effectively push forward the collective development in a wide variety of aspects. The domains of interest include but not limited to disaster mitigation, environmental science, and agricultural research, enabling technology for smart cities as well as HPC and cloud computing as collaboration platforms among different agencies. This workshop provided an impeccable occasion for us to share our experiences of and aspirations for practical research that is beneficial for our societies and facilitates the long-tail of science world-wide.

The 2016 Asia Open Data Hackathon
The 2016 Asia Open Data Hackathon, jointly sponsored by Taiwan’s Industrial Development Bureau at Ministry of Economic Affairs, Thailand’s Electronic Government Agency and Data Science Indonesia, aiming to use government Open Data to come up with creative ideas, wrapped up with great success on August 14, after the two-day’s vehement competition. Six teams from Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia stood out at the competition. Among them, the Urban Baker, the Farmers Is Here and the Hello World won the Best Hackers Awards, while the Pinky Power, the Prowide and the Radya Playground garnered the Invincible Hackers Awards. All these award-winning teams will be awarded at the Asia Pacific Open Data Summit to be held in Thailand on September 7. Representing Taiwanese organization committee, Mr. Jiunn-Shiow Lin, deputy director of the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, said in his opening remarks, “Through international exchanges, not only can we learn creative ideas from each other, but we can also help the government examine the current status of Open Data. We truly hope that this event can help more people know the benefits of Open Data application.” 

2016 Open Data Application Conference
It has been a global trend in recent years for governments to release data for development of applications in the industry. Open Data for no doubt has become a locomotive that drives innovation and growth as well as creates job opportunities. To better understand what is going on in the world of Open Data, the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) of MOEA held the “2016 Open Data Application Conference”, inviting speakers from Google and Mapbox, one of the USA Open Data 500 to share their insights. More than 300 representatives of the industry, government, academia and research institutes attended the conference and exchanged ideas with international experts in the hope to develop more value-added applications and explore new business opportunities.

 Taiwan & Thailand Open Data Hackathon
Taiwan’s Open Data Alliance and Thailand’s Electronic Government Agency co-organized the “Taiwan & Thailand Open Data Hackathon”, which focused on disaster prevention and relief, transportation, and public health. Teams that entered the hackathon were required to use open datasets of Taiwan or Thailand and create a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to resolve issues encountered in daily life within the shortest amount of time. A multi-national panel of judges was responsible for judging the teams. The event facilitated creative exchanges between Taiwan and Thailand and promoted the application of Open Data!

 Participation in the 3rd International Open Data Conference in Ottawa, Canada
The 2015 International Open Data Conference is one of the most important and largest Open Data events in the world. We sent personnel to attend the event to understand global trends in Open Data and expand international connections, building relations with people involved in Open Data, and sharing examples of Taiwan with other countries.
See files below for photos of the event

 Taiwan’s Open Data Alliance becomes a regional partner of Open Data Impact Map
Open Data Impact Map collects information and examples of data service companies around the world. It is an important partner of Taiwan’s Open Data Alliance. At present, 36 examples of Taiwan are shown on the website, making Taiwan one of the most eye-catching Asian countries on Open Data Impact Map.
Please visit website for photos

 China-Hong Kong-Taiwan Hackathon 2015
To promote Taiwan’s Open Data events in the international society, and to facilitate interactions and exchange between Taiwanese and foreign youth, we led a team to participate in “China-Hong Kong-Taiwan Hackathon 2015” organized by the Hong Kong Computer Society and Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company, so as to encourage creativity and discover application talents. A total of 11 teams entered this event, 3 teams from Taiwan, 4 teams from Hong Kong, and 4 teams from Shanghai. In the end, the Taiwanese team “Hack Jump” won “The Best Creativity Award”, Hong Kong’s team “Trueye” won “The Best Potential Commercial Value Award”, and Shanghai’s team “D.G.Z.” won “The Highest Degree of Completion Award”.
See files below or mid-term report of the project for photos

 Morning session: 2015 Taiwan-UK Open Data Round Table Meeting:
The meeting was held under the topics “Innovative Start-ups and Market Cooperation” and “International Talent Cultivation”. The Industrial Development Bureau invited the Board of Science and Technology, National Development Council, Open Data Alliance, Open Data TW, representatives of successful startups, experts, scholars, and mission from the UK for a closed meeting.

 Afternoon session: 2015 Taiwan-UK Open Data Summit:
Tom Heath, Head of Research at the Open Data Institute, was invited to share successful models of coexistence in Open Data circles, so as to understand the key to the UK’s success in implementing Open Data. The two panel discussions were on “Open Government and Open Business”, which discussed business models using government Open Data and how the UK removed barriers to apply government data in creating business opportunities; the second panel discussion was entitled “Open, Smart and Resilient Cities”, and both parties discussed the industrial applications and business opportunities of Open Data in geographic information systems and disaster prevention and relief.

 Taiwan’s Open Data Alliance signs MOU with Thailand’s Electronic Government Agency
The Open Data Alliance (ODA) represented Taiwan in signing an MOU concerning Open Data with Thailand’s Electronic Government Agency (EGA) on February 26th, 2015, hoping to jointly make progress in laws and policies, technology research, talent exchange, and related events. International events will be organized in the future for more in-depth exchange between the Taiwan and Thailand.

 Introduction of professional course on data analysis
The founder of SupStat Inc., which provides big data education, including popular programming tools for data analysis and visualization (R, Python, Hadoop, D3.js, Processing, Location data query, etc.) in Manhattan, was invited to Taiwan and teach a five-day practical course to Taiwanese students in 10/21~10/29. The course synchronized learning with practice by giving instructions while students operated a computer. The teaching network was used to build communication channels with students, using instant messaging to learn students’ needs and immediately give responses. 

Students were also divided into groups and chose topics they are interested in for practice, while the lecturer provided information and technical guidance to motivate students in learning. Topics for practice in the course included professional baseball analysis, analysis of the influence of weather on precision instruments, public environmental hazard, growth, of iTunes, and transportation.

 Taiwan’s Open Data Alliance signs letter of intent with the US GovLab

Chairman Peng Chi-Ming of Taiwan’s Open Data Alliance (ODA) signed a letter of intent with Mr. Joel Gurin, Senior Consultant of the US GovLab, symbolizing that Taiwan and the US will share more cases of Open Data, training resources, and teachers, aligning Taiwan’s Open Data with the US to bring more applications for the industry.

 Taiwan’s Open Data Alliance signs MOU with South Korea’s NIA-ODC

Taiwan’s Open Data Alliance (ODA) signed a MOU with South Korea’s NIA-ODC in hopes of jointly making progress in laws and policies, technology research, talent exchange and related activities. Chairman Peng indicated that the ODA has signed many MOUs with other countries this year, and will more actively engage in exchange with international organizations in the future, so that Taiwan’s Open Data industry will become a leader in Asia, collaborate with the world, and create more business opportunities.

 The GSDI visits for exchange on Open Data developments in the private sector
Vice Chairman Roger Longhorn of the GSDI (Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Association), EUCC and also information policy adviser, was once a senior researcher of the Centre for Spatial Data Infrastructure and Land Administration at the University of Melbourne, and Associate Professor Joep Crompvoets at the Public Management Institute of KU Leuven arrived to share their concepts and applications experiences with geospatial Open Data and management of geospatial information.

 Taiwan’s Open Data Alliance signs MOU with UK’s Open Data Institute
In the “16th Joint Meeting of the Taiwan Britain Business Council” on 5/19, Chairman Sir Nigel Shadbolt of the UK’s ODI and Chairman Peng Chi-Ming of Taiwan’s ODA signed a MOU with over 70 representatives of Taiwan’s industry, government, academia and research institutes and the UK as witnesses. The parties will engage in exchange and cooperation with respect to “standard certification”, “start-up incubation” and “talent cultivation – international courses” in the field of Open Data, creating new opportunities for international cooperation in Open Data.

 Chairman of the Polish Chamber of Commerce visits the Open Data Alliance in Taiwan
Chairman Andrzej Arendarski of the Polish Chamber of Commerce visited to understand the development and application of Open Data in Taiwan, hoping to use the experience for developing Open Data applications in Poland.

 Taiwan’s Open Data Alliance signs LOI with UK’s Open Data Institute
Taiwan’s ODA signed a LOI with UK’s ODI to learn from the ODI’s experience in implementing Open Data, hoping to thus raise awareness of Open Data in the private sector, and understand the latest developments of Open Data around the world. A meeting of the Taiwan Britain Business Council for Open Data exchange will be subsequently held in 2014/5.

 Open Data Alliance engages in exchange with representative from the City of Kawasaki, Japan
A representative from the City of Kawasaki, Japan visited the Open Data Alliance in Taiwan, and discussed the needs of enterprises, how to encourage government agencies to release their data, promote Open Data, develop Open Data platform technologies, and legal issues.

International Cooperation

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