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2016 Asia Open Data Hackathon


The 2016 Asia Open Data Hackathon wrapped up successfully on Aug. 14 after two intense days of competition. Standing out at the event were six teams from Taiwan, Thailand, and Indonesia: The Urban Baker, Farmers Is Here, and Hello World won the Best Hackers Awards, while Pinky Power, Prowide, and Radya Playground won the Invincible Hackers Awards.

The Hackathon is held by the Industrial Development Bureau of Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs to promote open data. This year, it expanded its scope from last year’s event, which was held jointly by Taiwan and Thailand, to also include Indonesia. Joint sponsorship came from the Industrial Development Bureau of Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs, Thailand’s Electronic Government Agency, and Data Science Indonesia.

This year, the event featured three major themes: public services, agriculture, and arts and culture. Contestants competed to demonstrate the most innovative applications of open data.


“Through these international exchanges, not only can we learn creative ideas from other, we can also help governments understand the status of open data. We truly hope this event can help more people learn the benefits of using open data,” Mr. Jiunn-Shiow Lin, deputy director of the Industrial Development Bureau, said in opening remarks at the event.


2015 Taiwan & Thailand Open Data Hackathon

The Industrial Development Bureau extended its reach overseas for the first time to promote Open Data, and co-organized the “Taiwan & Thailand Open Data Hackathon” with Thailand’s government on October 3rd and 4th, 2015, inviting teams from both countries to show their creativity. During the event, teams were required to use open datasets of Taiwan or Thailand to resolve issues encountered in daily life. Presentations were given through video conferencing. The event allowed both parties to show their creativity and flexibly apply Open Data.

The key to using Open Data is to resolve issues. Taiwan and Thailand are in different geographic locations, but face many of the same issues, e.g. flooding that causes chaos to traffic in urban areas and also impacts the tourism industry. Hence, this event focused on disaster prevention and relief, transportation, and public health, encouraging teams to use government Open Data of the two countries to propose a minimum viable product (MVP) within the time limit. These MVPs will be considered by government departments in future administration when solving related issues.

After two days of severe competition, the judges selected 2 winning teams from each of Taiwan and Thailand. The two Taiwan teams, Got You won The Best Hackers and I love Largidata won The Invincible Hackers. The two Thailand teams, Death Clock won The Best Hackers and Mha Muang won The Invincible Hackers.


Teams from both countries that won The Invincible Hackers had great ideas. The award winning work of I love Largidata – BUZZ ALERT is a disaster warning system based on social media. It sends a text message to the smart phone of people in the area when a disaster occurs, notifying them how and where to evacuate to reduce damages caused by natural disasters. Mha Muang  provided a solution for traffic jams in Thailand during the New Year, using visualized data to notify citizens of car accident causes, so that drivers would be more careful. 

Asia Open Data Hackathon

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