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Considering that the pioneer of the promotion and development of open data is mostly from the Western countries, which is very different from the Asian in all aspects including politics, economics, culture, technique and so on. Asia Open Data Partnership (AODP) aims to facilitate the communication and cooperation on open data and data application between Asian countries, and strives to tailor a specific strategy based on our own need and situation. We hope that through this platform, we will be able to work closely with our partners in Asia and drive regional data-related economic prosperity.

Double-track development strategy

Double-track development strategy     Double-track development strategy partners
There are 2 tracks of the AODP operation:
- The first track is "international exchange," including events like hackathon, webinar, workshop or any creative event mainly for promoting understanding on policies or substantial actions across different partners.
- The second track is "business cooperation," including online business matching, trade mission or technical cooperation for creating substantial business opportunities among partners.

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Asia Open Data Portal https://dataportal.asia/home

Asia Open Data Portal      
73,148 datasets
Government’s open data from 12 Asian countries including Taiwan, Japan, Korea, India, Indonesia, Malaysia etc.
Data for 12 issue areas including public information, agriculture, healthcare etc.
Asia Open Data Partnership Brief
Date of Founding: 2015/10/14
Founding Partners:
.Open Data Alliance (ODA), Taiwan.
.Change Fusion, Thailand
.Digital Government Development Agency (DGA), Thailand
.National Information Society Agency (NIA), Korea.
.National Strategy Office of ICT, Cabinet Secretariat, Japan

Taipei Computer Association (TCA), Taiwan
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The development of open data in Asia should be based on our own culture and need.
Promote the development and application of open data in Asia.
Facilitate information sharing, resource integration and business cooperation among the partners.