June 22, 2020
2019 Asia Open Data Challenge
2019 Asia Open Data Challenge

 Asia Open Data Challenge was organized for the first time in 2015 with the aim of solving common challenges by leveraging open data in Asia.  This year, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand, organized the 5th year for this international competition, with implementation of Taipei Computer Association .Participants seek to address challenges under the theme of “Smart Life” by making use of open data in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand.

 Moreover, this year there are numerous enterprises exploring the innovation and application of data, creating more opportunities for international cooperation with the participants.  The enterprises and their themes include:


Microsoft & PChome: How to apply data to create a full channel of O2O sales and maximize regional economy


Gigabyte & WeatherRisk: How to utilize open data of air condition (such as pollution sources, weather conditions, overseas transmission, etc.) for prediction models to create innovative services for people.


HERE Technologies: Make every day experiences smarter and more sustainable by leveraging the power of location services developing by HERE API.


We are waiting for not only engineers but data scientists, designers, planners and directors, as long as you’re interested, you are welcomed to join in the competition!

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