August 31, 2021
Sing up for International Workshop on Cross-Border Data Flows on AUG 27
Sing up for International Workshop on Cross-Border Data Flows on AUG 27

Ensuring personal data protection is vital to developments of the Vietnamese digital economy. While the government legitimately prioritizes security measures, the private sector needs flexibility for innovations and economic conducts. Balancing these seemingly conflicting interests is challenging, especially within the context of growing digital trade and cross-border data flows. To promote the improvement of the Vietnamese legal framework on personal data protection, the Institute for Policy Studies and Media Development, Vietnam Digital Communications Association, will host a workshop on "REGULATING CROSS-BORDER DATA FLOWS – RECOMMENDATIONS FOR VIETNAM’S PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATIONS"


Time: 9:30 am - 13:30 am, Friday, August 27th 2021 (GMT +8)
Venue: Online meeting on Zoom (to be provided after registration)
Language: Available in both Vietnamese and English


For registration, please click here.


The workshop features the dialogue of leading experts in developing policies and solutions for personal data protection.  The line-up of speakers includes officers and professionals from both public and private sectors in Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia and US and international organizations.

There will be two panel sessions on
- Legal and Policy approaches to cross-border data flows and personal data protection
- Experiences and recommendations for law enforcement of cross-border personal data protection


The Vietnam Digital Communications Association (VDCA)
Asia Open Data Partnership (AODP)
Oxfam Vietnam
Institute for Policy Studies and Media Development (IPS)