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Introduction of ODA (Organization for Data-driven Application)



The Open Data policy has attracted great attention from enterprises and the public since it was implemented last year. Preparations to form the Open Data Alliance (ODA) of Taiwan began in April 2012, and the ODA was formally established on September 14th, 2012.

The ODA currently has over 300 representatives of industry, academia, research institutes, social media, and citizens, including IBM, SYSTEX Corporation, MiTAC Information Technology Corp., WeatherRisk Explore Inc., TMS Technologies, Taiwan Association of Disaster Prevention Industry, XAPPS, and Research Center for Digital Humanities.


Members of ODA


Promote the development and application of open data in the industry


  • Share information, integrate resources, and cooperate business

  • Collect the requirements from industry, and conclude the suggestions to Taiwan Government

  • Promote the international cooperation 

  • Promote the services and applications of open data for the enterprises and people


1. Organizing Open Data Round Table Meeting In Taiwan

The government often cannot satisfy the demand of citizens on Open Data due to many reasons. For example, the UK and US will release data on public security in each area, but real estate dealers in Taiwan oppose this worried that the data will affect house prices; even though government agencies have detailed information of dip slopes, they fail to disclose this information under pressure from various parties. Therefore, the ODA organized the Open Data Round Table Meeting for representatives of enterprises, social media, individuals, and government to flexibly carry out theme-based discussions in a relaxed atmosphere. The meeting pools the wisdom of individuals into a group to explore the needs of each field with respect to dataset contents, potential directions for application, and support measures, such as authorization mechanism, fee collection mechanism, format, and technical standards. The discussions can also inspire introspection, knowledge sharing, and find new opportunities for action.

2. Speaking to the government on behalf of private organizations

The Open Data Alliance and associated organizations visited Vice Premier Chang of the Executive Yuan on January 16th, 2015. Attendees included 14 representatives of the Open Data Alliance, g0v, Open Culture Foundation, OpenStreetMap, OPENDATA.TW, XApps, and Taipei Computer Association, and government representatives. After representatives of social media gather the opinions of various sectors online, they made five requests with a total of 17 suggestions. After listening to the opinions of social media representatives, Vice Premier Chang and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and National Development Council exchanged opinions with the representatives.

Attendees of the meeting hoped that the government will propose an Open Data action program within 3 months, so as to create a culture of Open Data in government agencies; “open” should be the priority and subsequent discussions with private organizations will be on improving the format and quality of data. Vice Premier Chang promised to release Open Data in the freedom of information area in its current format, and hoped that private organizations will help improve the quality of government Open Data.

Further Planning

  1. Training: to develop the open data relevant ability and to become data scientist
  2. Round Table: to advocate the interaction between government and people

  3. User Group Meeting: to bring the developers and solution providers together in order to create more applications

  4. Government Lobby: help public sectors to make more open data available

  5. International Cooperation: seek for other countries cooperation of creating mutual interests of "Open Environment"
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