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IODC 2018, Asia Open Data webinar I & II


Webinar Topic: IODC 2018, Asia Open Data webinar


Session I24 July, 2018 (Tue.)16:00 PM Taipei time (UTC+8)

Session II26 July, 2018 (Thu.)10:00 AM Taipei time (UTC+8)


Organization for Data-driven Application (ODA) welcome to invite Ms. Fiona Smith and Mr. James Maddison, who are from Open Data Institute (ODI). In Session I, they will introduce ODI, its operation and make a short brief about the 9/25 Pre-event (Open Data Leaders Summit) of this year's IODC at Argentina.
In Session II, ODA also invite Mr. Fernando Perini, who is the Senior Planning Officer from International Development Research Centre(IDRC), to share the experience of the IODC, a biannual event to bring the global open data community together. 
These webinar are host by Chi-Ming Peng, the President of the ODA.Welcome to sign up for our webinar!


The online registration will be available now! There are limited spaces so please register as soon as possible. The actual registration will be announced via Email before the noon of 23 July. The meeting will be discussed in English. Once we have approved your registration status, you can proceed to joining this important meeting.

(This webinar is in English throughout.)

Session I register url: https://www.accupass.com/event/1807180242036561417080

Session II register url: https://www.accupass.com/event/1807180912162127098701

* Please note that you need to register Session I & Session II SIMULTANEOUSLY!


  1. The webinar will be available 15 mins before the *agenda in order to let users test login.
  2. The webinar is limited to 50 connections. Please use 'Leave the meeting' button in Zoom when you will not be listening to the talks online. If you influence the page during the presentation of the agenda speaker, we reserve the right to remove you from the meeting.
  3. If this is your first time using Zoom, we strongly recommend you start the connection earlier, and practicing all the function.
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