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Asia Open Data Hackathon including Taiwan, Japan and South Korea for its final battle


In order to facilitate the application of transnational data among Asian countries and promote the development and cooperation of the international data economy, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan jointly held "Asia Open Data Hackathon" in September 1 (Saturday), which were jointly organized by the agency in charge in the respective nations including Industrial Development Bureau( Ministry of Economic Affairs, MOEA) in Taiwan, the National Information Society Agency (NIA) in South Korea, and the Vitalizing Local Economy Organization by Open Data & Big Data (VLED) in Japan. There are nearly 100 hackers from 15 teams in 3 countries, at their own country by using video presentation to compete each other simultaneously.


Mr. Chih-Ching Yang, Deputy Director General of the Industrial Development Bureau (Ministry of Economic Affairs, MOEA)said in his opening speech that "Asia Open Data Hackathon" marks its 4th edition this year. In order to encourage everyone to utilize transnational data, the organizer, in particular, promote the open dataset on "travel and tourism" and "citizen security" before the event, and try to find out the open dataset of the above 2 topics among 3 countries (such as Wi-Fi hotspot location, air pollution monitoring data, etc.), and translate the information of dataset field into English to facilitate the understanding and application of the participating teams. In addition, this year's event also specially invited HERE Technologies, the world's largest positioning, navigation and networking service company, to participate in, hoping to stimulate more creative ideas.

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