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2018 AODP Dialogue & International Open Data Conference


Under the cooperation of the Taiwan government and the civil society, in 2015, Taiwan joined by Open Data related organizations in Thailand, Philippines, Japan, South Korea and Indonesia to establish a cooperation and exchange network called "Asia Open Data Partnership (AODP)". Meanwhile, in order to jointly promote the concept of open data, Asian economies have jointly held cross-border “Asia Open Data Hackathon” to conduct in-depth exchanges and increase the influence of open data in the Asian region.


In October 2015, Organization for Data-driven Application (ODA) of Taiwan was served as Chair for the 1st Asia Pacific Open Data Summit. In 2018, Ministry of the Interior and Safety (MOIS) of the Republic of Korea was served as Chair for the 4th AODP Dialogue & International Open Data Conference at November 6~8 in Seoul.


During the conference, AODP partners were invited to share the status and trends of their economies on promoting the data economy. At the Data Economy Session, Mr. Cheng-Hua Wu, Deputy Director of the Industrial Development Bureau (Ministry of Economic Affairs, MOEA) , acted as the introducer, expressed the gratitude to the host of South Korea to conduct the AODP annual conference to let Taiwan to share driving strategies and benefits of open data with Asian economies.


Then, followed by the Chairman of Organization for Data-driven Application(ODA), Dr. Chi-Ming Peng to share the strategies and effectiveness of Taiwan’s promotion on data economy and open data, and highlight the importance of the application of Open Data among Asian economies.


Meanwhile, at the opening ceremony of the morning session, the Asia Open Data Hackathon Award was received by The Taiwan's winning team who took the stage and presented the work live.


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