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Asia Pacific Open Data Summit 2015


Governments around the world can all agree that Open Data increases government transparency and public participation, and serves as the foundation for innovative services when combined with the private sector’s creativity, which further creates economic value. The Industrial Development Bureau (IDB), Ministry of Economic Affairs held the “2015 Asia Pacific Open Data Summit” on the 14th, inviting representatives from Japan, South Korea, Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia to Taiwan to exchange experiences in developing Open Data. The representatives announced the joint preparation of an “Asian Open Data Alliance”. Vice Premier Chang San-Cheng personally attended the event and gave a speech. Over 400 representatives of industries, government, academia and research institutes attended the event.

Vice Premier Chang

Vice Premier Chang mentioned that it is necessary for Taiwan to engage in international exchange, and understand the strengths and weaknesses of each approach. He also pointed out that Asian countries should find their own motivation and features, and hopes that the establishment of an Asian Open Data Alliance will lead to the design of an Open Data index suitable for Asian countries.

Vice Premier Chang specially thanked the Open Data Alliance and Taipei Computer Association for mobilizing non-government forces, for promoting Open Data, especially social media, which have showed us the benefits of Open Data from a friendly visual display of government budget to emergency response during disasters.

Ben Wellington

The event invited data scientist Ben Wellington, who has been called the King of Open Data in New York City by media in the U.S. Ben shared how he influenced policies of NYC’s government using Open Data analysis, and noted that Taiwan has made much more progress than NYC with respect to Open Data development. Communities promoting Open Data in Taiwan were all encouraged by what he said.

Approaches and examples of different countries with respect to industrial applications, government policies, and cooperation between public and private sectors were also shared during the event. Countries have high expectations for the Asian Open Data Alliance, which will create new opportunities for exchange, interaction and economic cooperation.

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