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Open Data Day Cambodia 2022


AODP partner - Open Development Cambodia(ODC) collaborated with the CADT celebrating the Open Data Day 2022 event under the theme of “Data for equal development” on 05 March 2022, at CADT, Phnom Penh. Despite all the pandemic concerns, it was yet another big day for ODC to host this special occasion for eight consecutive years straight!

ODC conducted two insightful panel discussions under the focus topic on “Role of Open Data in Digital Government.”  We discussed the first panel on “How Open Data contributes to strengthening digital government in Cambodia,” followed by “Using ICT to promote digital governance.”

Incredibly, many participants joined  in person and online, ranging from national and international data and ICT experts.

(Photo: opening remarks by The Try, the Executive Director of ODC)

(Photo: keynote speech by Liu Jia-Kai, CEO of DSP)

The first panel discussed the topic “How does open data contribute to strengthening digital government in Cambodia?” 

In this session, there were four members from Ministry of Post and Telecommunications (MPTC), Ministry of Public Works (MCS), National Committee for Democratic Development under National (C). J. Y. O. B. ) and Organization for Data-Driven Application (ODA). Discussions started with the reform of digital infrastructure and technology ecosystem to modernize governance in Cambodia and the role of use of open data to promote digital government as well as risks and challenges that may arise Next stop.

(Photo: The first panel discussion)

Dr. Chi Ming Peng, President of the Organization of Data-driven Application (ODA), took over the session to share experiences in Taiwan on the influence data have on governance. He stated that the Taiwanese government used open data in various sectors such as the environment, economy, and many. He also raised the few essential components of available data and how utilizing good data strengthens the digital ecosystem. Also, giving the machine-readable data allows users to convert data into desired use freely. 

The second panel discussion focused on “Using ICT to promote digital governance”. The guest speakers discussed various possibilities of integrating Information and Communication Technology (ICT) into improved digital governance and public service delivery. The discussion will revolve around the role of technology in shaping information sharing and the factors that hinder the improvement of digital government. 

(Photo: the second panel discussion) 

Mr. Chen Tim, Vice-president of ODA and President of TMS Technologies Co., LTD, has briefly illustrated the role of ICT at the Ministry of Transportation and Communication (MOTC) of Taiwan. During his presentation, he demonstrated a few open data-related ICT applications available in Taiwan and the 11 elements to build up data governance. According to his presentation, an essential component of data governance is AI technologies. He continued that AI plays a crucial role in collecting, formulating, and analyzing data.

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