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MEDtoClinics integrates open data to create a new digital experience for primary medical institution


At the beginning of 2020, COVID-19 broke out quickly and fiercely. It not only reversed the original lifestyle, but also changed the incidence and epidemic cycle of the original common diseases. As the frontline medical institutions, the clinics, maintaining the closest relationship with the public has the most profound feeling. MEDtoClinics, which specializes in medical services, integrates open data, industry data, drug consumption data and seasonal disease trends, to create a new digital experience for primary medical institutions.

MEDtoClinics said that local medical institutions or clinics are closely related to the surrounding population structure of the area. According to different age groups and seasons, drug inventory must be controlled and adjusted at any time, besides, the procurement units are widely distributed, for the doctors who are supposed to focus on patients, it is quite laborious. If we can use the information system platform and statistical correlation analysis, in addition to showing data by graphics, we can further provide analysis reminders and drug stock reminders. And with ICT such as algorithms, machine learning, and data collection, we can create a smart medical platform economy which will build a digital channel among pharmaceutical factories, drug dealers, clinics and regional hospitals, forming a new ecological economy.

Let primary medical institutions closely integrate open data, private data, and their own industry data, and use data applications to improve medical-patient relations, hospital operations, and cost control, such as weather, air quality, population structure, and disease trends. At the same time, it combines the medical information system (historical purchase records, drug consumption data, ATC-Code rankings) with MEDtoClinics's own data, uses data analysis and visualization, and imports machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to provide primary medical institutions the personalized decision-making assistance, allowing clinic operation-related information to be clear at a glance, just like adding a smart assistant to improve the operating efficiency of primary hospitals.

With the MEDtoClinics platform, it can not only speed up the procurement decision and efficiency of medical institutions, but also shorten the time for drug search in primary institutions, increase the monthly purchase unit price of the platform, save huge labor costs, and obtain high-precision data sets. The procurement cost of basic institutes can even be reduced by 5-15% and the procurement process can be optimized. For suppliers, traditional procurement methods require a lot of manpower deployment, and logistics and warehousing costs are getting higher and higher. Through the MEDtoClinics platform, it can be more efficient. At the same time, the digitalized management system can trace the source of drugs when necessary, bringing more protection for consumers.

MEDtoClinics is an exclusive smart e-commerce platform in the pharmaceutical industry. It has the background technical support of the Hospital Information System, combines cash flow and logistics, introduces drug suppliers and medical information system manufacturers, and provides drugs and services to primary medical institutions. The above services are deeply trusted by physicians, and the number of members has been steadily increasing year by year. It is hoped to strengthen the operational effectiveness of primary medical institutions, enhance the value of data application, and improve the circulation of ecosystem information.

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