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Intelligent Management Strategic Room Integrating Smart Audio Industry Business Opportunity Plan

Production lines and markets are facing challenges, the electronics manufacturing industry is actively transforming digitally

Zylux, the world's top brand consumer speaker OEM/ODM, provides the latest technology, resource integration and one-stop service from design, development, production, and delivery. The main products include bluetooth speakers and smart voice products, IoT speakers, TV Soundbar, computer peripheral speakers, etc. Among them, TV soundbar has a global market share of 15% in 2019.

According to Zylux’s perspective, the electronics manufacturing industry is facing three major challenges. In terms of system integration, a large number of automated equipment, independent systems, and self-developed software have been introduced to improve the production efficiency. However, it is not easy to integrate the fast-build automation equipment and the system. The architectures and agreements developed and used by manufacturers are very complex, some data can only be opened on a single server or solid platform.

Furthermore, the demand of consumer market for loudspeakers has gradually turned into a small amount of diversified, but manufacturers still can only speculate from the sales forecast provided by customers, integrated analysis reports made by specialists, factory information, and communication with upstream raw materials companies. The communication process is complicated and data Integration is labor and time consuming, making difficult to instantly adjust the production schedule in response to the current market conditions to achieve the optimization of utilization (including the control of materials, and the arrangement of manpower and production line equipment).

At the management level, most of them rely on the production line foremen with a lot of experience and know-how to manage the production status of the machine, on-site control. If you want to understand the current situation, you need to use telephone, communication software, or many paper documents to report to managers. Decision makers often need to communicate via layers before they can understand the production status. The information is opaque and not instant, and it is impossible to quickly respond to customer needs.

Zylux’s intelligent management system takes the lead in introducing open data

With the assistance of PIMQ, an information service provider, Zylux's has integrated its own system such as ERP, MES, PLM, DCM, TQM, EGreen data, as well as open data(including Taiwan's average income source, important household income and expenditure indicators, household penetration rate of major equipment, welfare measurement index statistics, Taiwan PMI index, the amount and interest rate of the five major banks' new loans, the Republic of China Import and Export Ranking table, GDP index),  and combined private market consumption data, paid attention to consumer purchasing trends and power. Through analysis and feedback among markets, Zylux allows manufacturers to quickly adjust production lines and communicate with customers, and use data to find out the relationship and model between production scheduling and the market.

In the future, you can even use the " Zylux Intelligent Management System" to set order requirements to predict the difference between the previous and the next version, the difference between the customer's expected and actual purchase, and the actual sales and purchase ratios of the customer, to timely feedback to the management staff and early adjust material preparation requirements, thereby reducing inventory cost pressure. As long as the data source is stable and the API is well connected, the system does not require special maintenance.


Leading the transformation of the electronics manufacturing industry, paving the way for the next 40 years of industrial ecology

"We believe that similar systems can also be applied to related industries." In the future, consumer electronics industry analysts and AIoT architects can assist the industry in adjusting targets, formulating KPIs or coaching production lines based on the analysis results to improve utilization and save costs. Through digital data and data exchange, we can joint online discussion and decision-making, record decision points, obtain a better product roadmap than competitors, and the lead time of product production decision-making is shorter, data communication is more immediate and accurate, and more effective with other family entertainment equipment integration.

After experiencing the rise and fall of the industry, Zylux realized that enterprises must take responsibility and lead the industrial transformation. We hope to use open data to upgrade the original system DataBase query to intelligent real-time management, solve the problems of lack of personnel and insufficient market data, use intelligent management systems to help enhance the company's competitiveness, and establish an electronic industry ecosystem. In addition to introducing service links into Zylux 's domestic and foreign factories this time, it further connects upstream suppliers in the industry and downstream brands in the industry chain. After the introduction of the service, Zylux expects to increase revenue and related derivative benefits, and facilitate investments in the establishment of a Vietnam factory. In addition to making continuous progress to become the top three OEM/ODM in the industry, it also assists the government and industry to establish an open data model, encouraging the industry to invest in data. At present, Zylux has been officially succeeded by the second-generation Lu Weilun, and hopes to become the world's top three consumer speaker OEM/ODM within 5 years, allowing Taiwanese speaker OEM/ODM to continue to stand firm in the world for paving the way for the next 40 years of industrial ecology.

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