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Reality Game x Open Data – Take you to all corners around Taiwan!


photo by Patrick Schneider on Unsplash

Just like talking about table games ten years ago, everyone would only think of the Monopoly(大富翁). At that time, the "Reality game" industry is often misidentified in Taiwan as "room escape", mainly because of the expression of “reality game” is difficult for the public to directly describe the content in the mind. Therefore, when promoting this industry, the industry leaders usually replaces the “reality game” with a “room escape”. The product impression and development of the “reality game” industry in Taiwan has not yet been established in its diversified development.

However, reality games are not just “escape from the secret room”. As a pioneer of reality games in Taiwan, 山中猴子創意行銷有限公司Creative Marketing Co., Ltd. took the lead in launching reality games, “Playing the city”, based on the story of Taipei City by utilizing open data, successfully gathering a group of fans and has set a new milestone for the reality games industry in Taiwan.

Pioneer of Taiwan's Reality Game in the incredible journey of great adventure

Co-founder 林俊翰 said that reality games have been in Japan for a long time. And Taiwan has abundant tourism resources, unfortunately, no one has put reality games into real operation. He hopes to use APP to create unmanned reality games and lead players to step out to outdoor and walk into the life.

In 2014, the emergence of reality games, "Escape from Miyakojima(逃出宮古島)" in Japan gave林俊翰 the basic concept of reality games. Recalling that in the early phases of product development, as a pioneer of Taiwan’s reality games, in the absence of precedents in Taiwan, he has to explore by himself including the game architecture, model to program, and interface design. He used to satisfy his designed game’s levels which was started over again for 3 times after the marketing testing. After repeated field testing for more than a year, the first product, "Pocker Bear's Unbelievable Adventure(波克熊的不思議冒險)", was finally released. Integrating travel, games, culture, logical thinking and judgment, this game targeted the public age of 18-40 years old, and its APP members have accumulated nearly 6,000 players to participate.

Combining open data to recreate game modes

"A lot of people don't know that Taipei City was the last built city in the Qing Dynasty. The Imperial envoy office that currently exists in the Taipei Botanical Garden is an important official building in the Qing Dynasty." Taipei has a profound cultural heritage, but most people don’t know its culture and story behind it. With an easy and fun way to play, there is no boring teaching in the classroom. In addition, the advantages of convenient transportation in Taipei also allowing players to learn more about their own land from different perspectives.”

In fact, many of Taipei's attractions already have open data, such as Taipei Travel Network, geographical location, and U-bike real-time information. Besides available open data, convenient transportation also speeds up the flow of the game. Better than “walking only”, "Riding U-bike” is quite different on game design and the field for playing which has been expanded largely and widely. The open data of various tourism, transportation, and culture have added more creative elements to this service, making the rules of the game more innovative. If the Taiwan’s train, high-speed rail and even flight information are further combined in the games in the future, is it possible for foreign tourists to " Playing Taiwan" from the beginning of entry? "

In the process of constructing products and services, we also found that the cultural history database established by the Ministry of Culture Affairs has many historical cultures narrated by local elders, volunteers, and indigenous people. If they can be used as open data for text or video, we believe that it can benefit more users who can also save a lot of time and effort by utilizing it. In addition, the real-time update of tourist information is also very important for reality games. In case of long-term maintenance or non-opening of attractions, it is almost related to the survival of the product

(In terms of the existing market, Taipei, which is rich in information and convenient in transportation, has a high level of awareness and acceptance of reality games, which makes Taipei the best field to test new products and services for adjustment and promotion. For a bigger dream, CEO 林俊翰 also looks forward to the next step to promote the “Playing the city” into Taoyuan. By extending the field from north toward south, players can enjoy playing more city with parents, children, friends, and corporate groups whom are all welcomed to participate and have fun together.

Learn more about Creative Marketing Co., Ltd.(Chinese page)

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