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GliaCloud Co., Ltd. Uses Artificial Intelligence to Create Videos and Tell Your Story


With the popularization of 4G networks and mobile devices, the rise of video platforms has opened up new horizons for users and shaped a new generation of communication styles. Sensing the opportunity of video broadcasting while seeing the pain points of media and advertising industries’ quick response to market demand, GliaCloud Co., Ltd., established in 2015, has taken the lead in introducing artificial intelligence (AI) to create the GliaStudio platform, which can quickly convert text into videos and set off a wave of revolution in the traditional wording industry.

GliaCloud is also the first to turn open data into creative materials, such as importing daily weather data as the source of the virtual anchor’s daily forecast; or importing exchange rate data that allows advertisers to produce real-time video and distribute the information to users as a reference for upcoming international travel.

The solid foundation and creative applications allow GliaCloud to hold a leading advantage. In 2020, GliaCloud participated in the " Asia Open Data Challenge " organized by the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) and won the Invincible Award, opening up the opportunities of entry into overseas markets such as Japan and South Korea.

Improve the capability of language analysis by using data with AI technology

With the increasing demand for video content and the maturity and popularization of AI technology, similar services and platforms have emerged. GliaCloud, which started quite early, believes that the abundant data accumulated over the years is the key foundation for AI technology to become more powerful. The behavioral data collected from e-commerce and media can assist customers in further optimizing service content.

The cost of natural language processing has a huge difference between Chinese and English, especially in creative applications. It is the key to distinguish GliaCloud, which specializes in East Asian languages, from other companies in Asia. Currently, GliaCloud’s services have been implemented in Malaysia and Vietnam, expected to reach more overseas markets through online business matching and exhibitions of the “Data Economy Value Enlargement Project” by IDB, MOEA.

Reduce the cost of video production and amplify media communication

"In the five years since GliaStudio was launched, it has produced more than one million videos and accumulated 2 billion views. TikTok, Google Taiwan, China Trust Commercial Bank (CTBC), and media industries are all our cooperative customers." COO Agnes Peng indicates, to deliver correct and clear information requires plenty of time, manpower, and communication costs invested in the films from planning to post-production. 

Especially for the media industry, which concludes journalists relying on professional text writing and media requiring to deliver messages instantly, If GliaCloud can help them convert the text into a matching film form, it will not only increase the reading willingness of the public but also create a more diversified style of communication. GliaStudio uses AI, deep learning, natural language processing, and other technologies to develop exclusive semantic analysis algorithms, which can automatically draw up scripts and find keywords in them, insert suitable video footages, apply layout types of charts and background music, allowing customers to convert text into video in seconds.

"Take CTBC as an example. In the past, the company relied heavily on manpower for film production. After introducing GliaStudio, not only the quality of the film has been greatly enhanced, but the cost has also been considerably reduced."

GliaCloud stated that GliaStudio supports seven languages, including Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, Vietnamese, and Indonesian. The built-in virtual anchor will react to corresponding body movements and facial expressions along with the script. The supporting languages are expected to increase and develop gradually according to customer needs in the future.

In the future, GliaCloud also looks forward to cooperating with institutes with their own domain knowledge such as e-commerce, media advertising, and small and medium-sized enterprises. This will not only improve GliaCloud's professionalism and the benefits of final products but also make the platform “GliaStudio” the best marketing assistant partner for customers.

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