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Chimes AI, One-click AI, Defines the New Meaning of ESG in Manufacturing Industry


Chimes AI, One-click AI, Defines the New Meaning of ESG in Manufacturing Industry

Taiwan, as one of the leading countries in the global technology supply chain, results from its embracement of different working culture and hard-working people.  From the flip-flop to advanced semiconductor, all materials are born and raised in Taiwan. Without the export from this little country, your BMW, iPhone and shinning clothes would disappear instantly. With that being said, as the 5G/6G, quantum computer and AIoT trends are growing in Taiwan, workforce tend to participate in IC design, AI, semiconductor companies. It seems to be a promising future, but there are drawbacks – for instance, lacking workforce in other industries. Chimes AI team have foreseen the potential of AI application in manufacturing industry. However, the barrier of AI technology roots in the connection of people. All-in-one is the future, and we hope our product – Tukey can enable everyone from top to the bottom, from left to the right, use AI technology as easy as learning ABC.

Solid, concise and fast AI application implementation – Tukey platform integrates AI into the daily operation of enterprises

"The vision of Chimes AI is to democratize AI in manufacturing industry: to make the use of AI in all walks of life as easy as daily water, light and electricity." Johnson Hsieh, CEO of Chimes AI, said that the mainstream automation intelligent manufacturing solutions in the market are strong and have many successful cases. Although upgrading the hardware equipment, products and services can be done easily, and it can indeed achieve a certain degree of software customization. However, the overall product architecture is huge, and the whole body is affected by one initiative. The lack of flexibility limits the applicability, and it is difficult to meet the rapid and painless AI transformation expected by most manufacturers.

In view of this, Chimes AI has developed the Tukey platform, which allows manufacturing sites to easily integrate AI into various professional fields. Through the no code interface, domain experts can treat AI as a powerful digital helper and properly manage the life cycle of AI models. In addition to the most important parameters of the manufacturing industry, the most important data for the establishment of the AI model is also included in the open commercial data, which is then integrated and coordinated with the AI model calculation to help customers estimate the subsequent order volume, flexibly schedule the production line, reduce the risk of material preparation and inventory surplus, and optimize the overall supply chain management.

With regard to the important fixed pollution sources, wasted heat and industrial wastewater discharge in the manufacturing ESG, Johnson Hsieh has pointed out that at present, most data application and analysis can only achieve front-end monitoring and warning. However, enterprises want to know how to improve and accelerate the implementation of ESG.

Tukey platform can conduct analysis through AI and help customers adjust production parameters through data software drive. Under the premise of constant quality, it can substantially reduce the emission of purged gas, heat and wastewater. In addition to meeting the requirements of laws and regulations, it can even achieve amazing results beyond the originally planned waste reduction goals. Chimes AI provides one-stop services from data monitoring to AI-driven, aiming at the sweet spot of enterprises seeking AI transformation under the changing environment of the era. Through the friendly user interface of the Tukey platform, Chimes AI will accelerate the ESG trend with the manufacturing industry.

The key to digital transformation of enterprises is to create an ESG-friendly workplace

Johnson Hsieh pointed out that many manufacturing industries have a long history and have experienced many changes in the growth curve. However, the challenge now is to take the initiative to create a friendly working environment and attract new generations of talents to join the manufacturing working sites. Digital transformation is the most critical step. The efficiency, simplicity and convenience brought by AI digitization are closer to the familiar way of doing things for young generation, which not only shortens the running in period, but also creates a broad space for development.

Therefore, it is not enough to rely solely on education and training for the manufacturing industry to realize AI implementation. It is necessary to have a well-equipped tool platform to support the rapid implementation of AI application projects in the manufacturing industry. Taiwan's manufacturing industry is unique in materials and production management, and has trained many professional and experienced process engineers. Through the Tukey platform, the original team of domain experts and engineers can quickly learn and apply AI, and do AI talent training in essence, plus the Tukey platform to improve the data power of domain experts. OT and IT department play the role of integration, build the company's internal intelligent application, and upgrade the manufacturing site. "Making Tukey an engine for AI development in the manufacturing industry will be the best choice that is more in line with the cost and culture of the enterprise."

When the scale of customers' operations is expanded, or the industrial layout is reorganized across regions, the subsequent demand for overseas factories makes it more important to digitize the experience of establishing AI models. The relevant data and intelligent management can effectively help customers speed up the construction of plants and put them into production.

Facing the future, Johnson Hsieh said that he would lead the company to continue to strive to realize the popularity of AI, create an ecosystem platform, let customers use Tukey as a stepping stone to introduce AI, create AI applications that are most suitable for their own fields, let more enterprises enjoy the convenience and efficiency brought by AI, and replicate Taiwan's successful AI application experience to Southeast Asia and other regions.


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