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Open Data Empowering BigObject Inc.’s "SVRA" to Secure Space for Safety


Open Data Empowering BigObject Inc.’s "SVRA" to Secure Space for Safety

The density of surveillance cameras in Taiwan ranks among the top in the world. Many department stores, buildings and other public spaces are equipped with related equipment, generating a lot of precious unstructured data every day. BigObject Inc., a technology innovation company specializing in providing live data solutions, has constructed a "Smart Video Reasoning and Analytics Service (SVRA)" through Spatial Temporal Artificial Intelligence technology, combining temporal and spatial data and other open data.

On the premise of protecting privacy, without facial recognition, without traceable ID, just according to user scenarios, BigObject Inc., designing dashboards/reports related to different complex event detection scenarios and image events, and supported by Data Economy Value Enlargement Project - Flagship Data Application Service Subsidy" of Administration for Digital Industries, MODA, was successfully implemented in buildings and subway stations in Singapore.

Combining video event data with open data to support management decision-making

According to the observation of BigObject Inc., although the government and the industry are actively investing in the deployment of monitoring equipment, and many monitor hardware manufacturers or security business have also launched new solutions, the applications are still mostly in the detection stage, and the on-site personnel need to pay close attention and watch surveillance images to prevent incidents. Or after the incident, people can manually review the images to find out who is involved in the incident, but it is difficult to analyze the cause of the incident due to the lack of use of image data and integration of external information.

SVRA integrates CCTV images, CCTV locations, and meteorological and rainfall observations of security operators/field managers, and provides three automated data service applications: (1) complex event detection, (2) tracking and event-related people, (3) situation analysis, so that monitoring can move from security purpose to multi-service, and achieve more detailed partition, time-sharing, and crowd flow analysis.

SVRA can automatically detect pre-defined events in a wide area covered by CCTV and IoT, quickly clarify and find the cause and effect of the event, and convert it into valuable image event data, and use the image event data to integrate open data, create datasets and dashboards/reports that can be used for decision analysis.

"The simulation system which cross-comparing complex events and open systems for possible events can help improve response speed." Dr. Wenwey Hseush, CEO of BigObject Inc., said that human behavior is easily affected by environmental factors. While meteorological data is regularly imported into the system, the system can automatically detect that someone is carrying an umbrella but fall monitored by CCTV. Combined with the imported meteorological data of increased rainfall, an alarm can be issued immediately after cross-comparison, and managers can immediately activate the umbrella barrel, open its cover, and notify cleaning staff for response policies.

Expanding the provision of various field management services to implement the public environment safety

Dr. Hseush pointed out that forecasting through models is one of the way of AI applications, and open data can make forecasting more sophisticated and accurate. The combined AI for interactive judgment of multiple factors has the advantages of being able to judge more complex events, carry out follow-up tracking, contain no personal information, and be more accurate than facial recognition. It also retains the flexibility of concatenation, effectively shortening the overall time of event notifications and understanding the timelines of events, thereby saving labor costs and improving operational and management efficiency.

Focusing on the management needs of large-scale space safety maintenance in office buildings, warehouses and factories, public areas, properties, amusement parks, shopping malls and other fields, BigObject Inc. will join hands with domestic and foreign partners to continue to invest Taiwan and expand the Southeast Asian market in the future.

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