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Want to See a Doctor? This is the APP for You


When it comes to the questions like “Any pharmacies that open late at night?”, or “Which clinic I can go on a national holiday?”, people might have to spend much time googling for such information they need. New Taipei City Government noticed this problem and has developed a medical information search application together with OurCityLove social enterprise. Connecting to the website of Department of Health, New Taipei City, the app features nine kinds of services. Users could just go for the specific information and location they want. Everything is fast and easy.


Using the GPS information, the app will list the nearest hospitals and clinics to people who don’t feel well, as well as services provided by the hospitals, opening hours, address and contact information, saving them a lot of time. Those who need emergency medical attention can also be sent to the hospital right away.


Lin Chung-wei, founder of OurCityLove said that the population in the northern Taiwan is about six million, and two thirds of it is in New Taipei City. Not to mention the huge demand for medical resources brought by the ever growing population. It is very possible that people will feel overwhelmed trying to find something they want out of a huge amount of information dispersed in different places. That is why New Taipei City Government and OurCityLove took advantage of the latest data technologies to launch such an innovative and user-friendly service.


OurCityLove’s deputy CEO Chen Shou-chieh pointed out that this is a very difficult job to do, and not as easy as people might think. They have to go through all the Open Data available from New Taipei City Government, National Development Council, and Health Promotion Administration and National Health Insurance Administration both under Ministry of Health and Welfare. It took them a lot of time to clean, filter and review the data before they could do anything with it. After eight meetings, the long-awaited medical information search APP that integrates data from the clinics and pharmacies supervised by the department, along with public/private breastfeeding rooms and nursing homes was finally launched.


New Taipei City Government had all the personnel in relevant units work on this project, helping OurCityLove review both the government and private data and divide the data into different categories. The APP was not the only thing they got in this process, but a total of 128 new datasets on medical data from New Taipei City were also made available. It could pave the way for the development other innovative services of its kinds.


Through the medical information search APP, users could reach the department’s website and find the information they want. In this way, people don’t have to call the department or other offices all the time, and that also means the frontline personnel have more time to do their jobs. With this APP, services could be provided in a more efficient way, and the public also get to know the government’s welfare policies better. Currently, OurCityLove is reaching out to other city and county governments as well in the hope to bring this win-win solution to more places of Taiwan.

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