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Open Data Applications (~ 2016)


Ling Cheng Technology Corporation, Ltd. (http://www.linkchain.tw/)

Ling Cheng Technology Corporation, Ltd

1. Company Profile: Ling Cheng Technology Corporation, Ltd. is dedicated to research and development and services of application related technology. It not only offers the best consultation services, sound solution programs and fast technical support, but also have accumulated experiences and clients through program planning and implementation and created outstanding service value.

2. Service: It establishes a platform covering largest farmland to showcase open data best practices and opportunities for domestic farmland management, such as: meteorological data and soil data, etc., with 1,000 users and 5,000 hectares of arable land, providing production, and check management, consumption and transportation management service.

3. Scenario: Recently, food safety issues have gained national attention. Some products issued Green Mark contain pesticide residues within the limits of laboratory detection. It is curial to disclose farmers' production and environmental information. It deserves to be mentioned that it establishes a smart agriculture-ecology management platform to control production-marketing coordination and reinforce the safety of agricultural products.

Travel98 (https://travel98.com/)


1. Company Profile: Travel98 is dedicated to cloud technology, data collection, processing and analysis. Currently its business focus is on E-commerce operation.

2. Service: Travel Assistant 2.0 mixturally applies 8 Japanese open datasets not only to provide users with the tool to plan their self-guided trips to enhance the quality of tourism services, but creates extra ticket-selling business opportunities in cooperation with Japan’s local tourism bureaus.

3. Scenario: The number of visitors to Japan has risen sharply in recent years. This project emphasizes on optimization of Travel Assistant service utility, such as: weather, traffic planning and emergency rescue services. Furthermore, this product provides online overseas travel insurance and gets an instant issuance to make user’s travel so much easier and stress-free.

Mercuries Corporation (http://www.mercuries.com.tw/)

Mercuries Corporation

(1) Company introduction: Mercuries Corporation operates chains of retail food and beverage stores, including the brands San Shang Qiao Fu, Tonkatsu, Family Shoes, and Simple Mart.

(2) Services: “33 Store Location Selection Open Data Integration Project” combines government and private databases and adopts a suitable mechanism for selecting locations to open stores. Feedback from citizens is also used to establish an internal innovative business model.

(3) Usage situation: Evaluations of locations for opening stores involves many variables and complex data, and unfamiliar evaluators may make inaccurate evaluations as a result. This project uses accurate data of population, stores and transportation for a comprehensive analysis, and also considers the recommendations of locals to increase the accuracy of evaluations for expanding to new locations. At present, the system is mainly used within the corporation, and stores opened with the assistance of the system have shown a 6.22% improvement in operating performance; evaluation time before opening a store was shortened by 50%, and the corporation will use the system for all evaluations for selecting locations to open stores.

Prolink Solutions Co., Ltd. (http://www.pllink.com/)

(1) Company introduction: Information company that specializes in sea and air transport and customs declaration. Services are provided in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the U.S., allowing consigners, contractors, customs brokers, and shipping agents to search for voyages, routes, prices, current location of ships, and weather information.

(2) Services: The “Global Freight System” can monitor the location and route of over 50 thousand ships around the world, and adjust estimates based on variables in the shipment process to make them more precise. In the past, logistics operations on land only began after a ship entered the port. This system allows logistics providers to be notified 24 hours in advance and make preparations for a smoother and more efficient logistics process.

(3) Usage situation: Contractors, consigners (manufacturers), customs brokers, and shipping agents search for information through different channels based on their requirements, but may not find the information they need in time due to the large number of information channels. The “Global Freight System”, allows users to find information on booking ships or cabins before using sea transport; ships, voyages, and prices are provided based on the port that is selected, and the current location of ships is also provided for contractors, consigners and logistics providers to track the location of their cargo.

Hotai Corporation (http://www.hotaimotor.com.tw/)

Hotai Corporation

(1) Company introduction: Sales agent for automobile brands around the world, including TOYOTA and LEXUS, and has the highest market shares in the industry.

(2) Services: The cloud platform, BUBUTRIP integrates scenic spots, cultural exhibitions and performances, and weather forecasts for cities and counties. It generates navigation files with customized itineraries of recommended locations, and the files can be directly used by the vehicle’s navigation equipment, providing drivers with the latest traffic and travel information.

(3) Usage situation: Travel information in the market is a mess, and people spend a great amount of time planning trips. Hotai’s travel cloud integrates the company’s data, the Ministry of Culture’s data, and online reviews to select scenic spots into itineraries. It uses a geographic information system to calculate the distance and required time, so that users can change scenic spots based on their own requirements. The itineraries can be input into their vehicle’s navigation system.

Sinotech Engineering Services Ltd.

(1) Company introduction: Sinotech Engineering Services Ltd. is a subsidiary of Sinotech Engineering Consultants Ltd., and provides engineering consultation services related to civil engineering, irrigation, disaster prevention, and industrial area renewal.

(2) Services: Uses disaster potential and GIS maps to provide a flood potential map for objects of insurance to the property insurance industry, and helps explore potential clients in high flood potential areas.

(3) Usage situation: Clients are mainly property insurance companies and security companies, providing flood potential maps for objects of insurance to the property insurance industry, and helping to explore potential clients in high flood potential areas, as well as design new insurance products. The company provides real-time data of water levels, safety signals, and flood warnings to security companies, helping security companies to plan inspection manpower and equipment, improving efficiency, reducing damages to equipment, and improving customer satisfaction at the same time.

Aqua Cast Corporation

Aqua Cast Corporation

(1) Company introduction: Aqua Cast Corporation specializes in the development of mobile phone platform technology and is also a content provider. It is the main partner of the NTT Group, Japan’s largest telecommunications company, with respect to providing content and mobile phone platform technology.

(2) Services: The APP “TK Like” uses Open Data together with LBS, providing information on scenic spots, accommodations, transportation, weather, shopping, and culture, as well as travel recommendations to Chinese tourists, making it more convenient for them to plan their itineraries.

(3) Usage situation: Mainland tourists download the APP “TK Like” before traveling independently to Taiwan, and use the APP to learn about scenic spots and stores in Taiwan when planning their itinerary. TK Like has over 20 thousand entries of data provided based on the user’s location, including scenic spots, hotels, restaurants, gift shops, and transportation information. Users can use their smart phone to search for nearby scenic spots, accommodations, and travel information, and also plan their itineraries. The APP also has a smart guide service with speech sound service, allowing tourists to feel safer and more at ease while traveling.

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